Circle Leaders

Circle Leader is an individual or family who wants to get out of poverty and achieve financial stability.


Potential Circle Leaders are referred to us by members of the community or may apply for Circle Leader Training by contacting us.


Qualifications are simple:  the potential Circle Leader must be struggling financially (making less than 185% of Federal Poverty Guidelines); relatively stable (clean and sober, no untreated serious mental illness); and ready and willing to do the hard work of creating a new path toward a stable and secure life.


During the 18-week training, Circle Leaders discover new tools that help build employment, financial, emotional and social resources.  Each Circle Leader creates an Economic Stability Plan with specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound goals.  At the same time Circle Leaders develop confidence in themselves and a greater connection to their community.


Upon completion of the training, each Circle Leader is matched with 2 0r 3 trained Allies who will accompany and assist them through the hard work of achieving financial stability.