Volunteer Oppurtunities old

Circles Resource Teams make the wheels turn in our Topeka Circles community. Where do your talents, skills and passions lie?  Please let us know!

The Community Team manages meeting space, secures donated meals, and organizes childcare and youth programming. Sign up for this team if you are good at asking for donations or organizing.

  • Sharing a meal creates community and friendship. Every Circles meeting includes a meal. That meal may come from a local eatery or grocery or may be prepared by a family, Sunday School class, club or a group of friends.  If you want to help prepare a meal for the group, please contact the Circles Coordinator.  Meal providers are encouraged to eat with the Circles community.
  • Children’s educational programming is available at every Circles meeting. Volunteer for this if you like working with kids. You do not need to be a teacher or licensed daycare provider to volunteer. Curriculum and materials are provided.  Background check required.

The Recruitment Team recruits prospective Circle Leaders and Allies. Recruitment Team members will develop a volunteer recruitment and retention plan.  Members of this group also help develop and review applications, select Circle Leaders and Allies, train Allies, and match Allies with Circle Leaders. They may also work with other teams to recruit members for their activities. If you are comfortable asking people for their help or if you have Human Resources experience, this is the team for you.

  • If you know that you want to be an Ally, please sign up here. Allies work directly with Circle Leaders (and their families), acting as mentors and friends. Allies are interviewed, trained and then matched with individual Circle Leaders. Each Circle Leader is assigned two or three Allies. If a couple signs up to be Allies and wants to work together, they will both be assigned to a Circle Leader along with another Ally. Background check required.

The Services Team identifies and gets to know local providers of various services that Circle Leaders might need. They also help Circle Leaders find assistance for their specific needs. If you have experience with or are familiar with the social service, healthcare, banking, or business communities in Topeka, this is where you will want to volunteer.

The Jobs and Education Team investigates and establishes contact with educational institutions and job service providers in and around Topeka. They also help guide Circle Leaders in their quest for higher education and better jobs. If you are an educator or business person or if you have a creative or entrepreneurial spirit, this team may be right for you.

The Big View Team will help Circle Leaders plan and organize Big View meetings, a monthly meeting for members and interested community visitors to discuss the barriers the Circle Leaders are facing and what the Circles community can do to bring them to the attention of the community and begin to break them down.

Fund Raising Team: If your passion or area of expertise is in grant writing, event planning, or fund development, this is where your help is needed.  We will hold at least one fund-raising event every year.

If you have any questions, please contact us.