Why Circles?

Circles of Greater Topeka uses the models set by Circles USA CEO Scott Miller of individual education, intentional friendships, and community building with the goal of eradicating poverty across the country.

Circles Leaders are the individuals and families who are making the move out of poverty, and they begin their journey by educating themselves about the nature of poverty. As a group, we study the cycle of poverty, systemic barriers in our communities that keep people in poverty, how to navigate social and economic classes and workplace skills, and end with planning and goal setting. Circle Leaders really are the leaders of their own support circle.

mental modelAllies are members of the community who are not necessarily in poverty and choose to offer their time and support to individual Circle Leaders as they work towards achieving their personal goals. Allies form what we call an intentional friendship – they help Circle Leaders network and access resources they might otherwise be unable to access in a friendship designed to achieve a goal – and build lasting relationships in the process.

Community Volunteers are essential to this whole endeavor. These men and women help make Circles meetings possible by providing meals, childcare, advocate in the community, create awareness, and so much more.  During their work with Circle Leaders, they come to understand more about what life in poverty is like and advocate for better policies and services that benefit the people they serve.

Community Meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of every month, and everyone is welcome to attend. Please come by and visit to learn more about our community plans or if you want to know more about how to help.

Circles® works to build community resources, relationships, and understanding to bridge the gap between poverty and overall well-being.  At Circles, we envision a community where everyone has enough resources, relationships, and hope to thrive.